Spreading the word about “HE IS!” in 2023!

I recently poured out my heart in an email to a mentor while I was in the process of thanking her for the zoom course, I had finished the day before:

My mom graduated to heaven this past September and before she passed, I was able to finish reading her copy of HE IS to her as she was on end-of-life care in the hospital.  As I read the chapters to her the many Scripture passages quoted took on deeper meaning and significance as we all prepared for our mom to go into eternity.  Some of her last words spoken to me were, "God is going to get this book into the hands of all who need to read it!"  My prayer since then has been, "Lord, I know you are going to do your part, help me to do my part in letting others know about this book you helped me to write. Please guide me." 

Part of the answer to this prayer was in becoming a member of the Christian Indie Publishing Association which provided the zoom course. I learned that for my devotional book to get recognized and reach more people with its message it needs at least 50 Amazon reviews.  Wow, that seems like a lot, but I am confident it will happen one review at a time as the Scripture passages and messages in each devotional of "HE IS" begins to touch lives. 

If you read, HE IS and take the Hebrew 11:6 adventurous journey to know God more intimately and are blessed, will you consider leaving a review at one of the following sites to encourage others to start their own Hebrew 11:6 journey?

Any reviews are greatly appreciated and welcome regardless of how short or long they are.  I would want you to share from your own heart and honest experience in reading HE IS!  Your words shared become part of the testimony of what God is doing in your life that may touch someone else's life in a powerful way.  I share a little about that in chapter 1:

Have you ever heard someone testify about that God moment when
they realized God was real? I recently heard a testimony at church
when a young woman said with conviction and passion, “God is actually
there, and he will help you with everything.” It was clear that she had
a newfound peace with God and herself as she shared what God was
doing in her life. This was a fruit of her having taken the first step in
knowing God, which is acknowledging that He is. For truly, the fact
that God is has profound ramifications in not only discovering more
about God but in realizing who we truly are as God’s children. The tone
of awe and wonder in her voice spoke even more powerfully than her
words. God exists, and He is at work; it is marvelous to see it in others
and experience it for ourselves.

I hope your adventure in knowing God better in 2023 will give you many opportunities to experience and share with others about who HE IS!   Blessing to you and your family!

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