Methodology in writing HE IS!

In writing the devotional meditations, I did not try to
start with an idea about God. I did word and phrase searches within a
Bible search program to see what the Bible itself said about who God is.
Those searches helped me find the many God is statements, where I read
about each quality or work of God in context. With a list of every verse
and passage I could find on a particular God is statement, I meditated
and wrote a devotional with the goal of letting God’s Word speak for
itself about who He is.

I incorporated stories from my life as a grandpa
would tell his grandchildren. The Master Teacher, Jesus Christ, is my
example in using stories to teach lessons and using common experiences
to teach spiritual truth. I have tried to do so in a way that would honor
Jesus and only shed a good light on others, but sometimes they reveal
our humanity and sinful tendencies, mostly my own. Any reflection on
my family, friends, or people who personally know me is done with love
and grace.

I have a profound appreciation for those who have spoken
into my life through the years of my life. I thank God for how he has
used each person to influence me. We grow best in community, as we
are like iron sharpening iron for the glory of God.

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