HE IS! Ministries: 2nd Quarter Newsletter

Passage of time:

It seems like it was just softly snowing and now our home is surrounded by beautiful blooming lilacs. My grandfather was right after all, "The older you get the more quickly time passes!"

Giving the "HE IS!" PDF away:

We are happy to report that we are still giving away the PDF version of "HE IS!" to whomever would like a digital version. We have totally lost track of how many we have sent out around the world. I can't even remember to whom we have given the relatively few paperback versions out to, to encourage acquaintances, friends, and family to begin or continue the Hebrews 11:6 quest in knowing God more intimately.
Devotional reading in our Bibles and other books that reflect God's truth is so inspiring and helpful. We need our quiet time with God every day to pause and realign ourselves with His perspective to grow in our journey of faith. Lord, please help our hearts to be tender and malleable in your hands to follow and love you with all of our heart, soul, mind, and body.

First Podcast Interview about "HE IS!"

We were recently surprised when my Podcast interview/conversation that was recorded at the end of last year aired on Burke Allen's Big Time Talker Podcast.  June seemed a funny time for it to air when we mentioned the snow in Montana during our recording of our conversation by Zoom last December. However, we trust God's Sovereignty in this timing.
We invite you to give this 22 minute conversation a listen as Burke asked me some intriguing questions that had me grappling on how to answer them.  I feel like God gave me a lot of grace to respond in such a way as to glorify Him and share the Gospel of Christ with others. Of course, after the interview I thought of lots of different ways that I could have responded; but I'm trusting that what I shared was what needed to be shared at that moment and presently as the interview is now available on many popular Podcasting Sites with this description from Burke Allen's posts:
This week, Burke speaks with award-winning author Mark Worden. Mark won the Readers Favorite Award in the Christian - Devotional/Study category for his book He Is!: Knowing God through Fifty Scriptural Meditations.
In a deeply personal conversation, Burke and Mark delve into the profound topic of God, tracing Mark's spiritual journey that began in his youth.
They also explore the idea of whether God is him or her and interpreting the Bible in a very personal way. Having struggled in his younger years, Mark sought to know God because "He is!"
You can find out more on his book and Mark Worden on his website: https://heisministries.net/

Prayer Requests:

Please pray that those who can be helped and built up in the faith by my devotional theology book will choose and make time to read it. May the Lord help all of us to be still and know that HE IS GOD!
Please pray that the audio version of "HE IS!" that Connie is working on will be completed sometime this year as many people prefer listening to books now rather than reading them.
I'll pass the keyboard to Connie now as she has some exciting news about God's future direction and leading in our lives.

If the Lord Wills We Will do This or That:

By "exciting news," I think my husband must be talking about the piece of property we bought in Canada (to cut to the chase and skip all the build-up and suspense. Boy! Guess there's a reason I don't dabble much in novel writing.) It is quite the story! Plenty of build-up and suspense and drama as it unfolded for us in real-time. But the full story is basically novel-length, so here's a link to the blog post I wrote about it after the sale was completed if you have the time and patience and desire to read the whole saga.
If you don't have those resources available to read the long version, the abridged version is that God made His leading clear to us in the buying of a small lot back in my hometown, and we stepped forward with it and now own the lot. The plan (at the moment) is a move back to Canada in about a year's time when Mark can retire from his property-management business. We hope to build a small house ourselves (with a little help. Not least of all from God Himself--see Psalm 127:1). And then...? Short answer: We don't know. One step at a time, and it appears at this juncture that the next step (the next really big step, anyway) will be a move back to Canada. I'm sure there will be twists and turns and build-up and suspense and drama even in that next step as well as in all the ones to follow. I will say this for God's authorship: He is never lacking in surprises and plot twists. Life under his creative hand is certainly never boring! Always an adventure!

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