“HE IS” Goes on Blog Tour in December!

I have been working with an organization that helps books to find an audience through blog tours. My hope is that this will help HE IS to get more exposure to potential readers.

4 bloggers sent me 10 interview questions to answer. I thought I would share 2 of the questions and my answers:

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?   

My English teachers would probably consider my self-publishing a book a miracle.  They really worked hard to teach me, and I kept working at it.  Without them, I could have never achieved this dream.  The shock is that my book has been a finalist or a placer in 5 book contests that I have entered. HE IS! is now a 5-time award winning book:   

  • American Writing Awards 2022 Finalist in the Religion Category
  • Readers Views Bronze Medalist in Religion/Spirituality/Inspiration
  • Christian Indie Awards 2023 Finalist in the Devotional Category
  • Ames Award Winner in 2023 for Courageous faith in Devotional – Personal Growth
  • Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal in the Christian – Devotional/Study category.

Who was/is your biggest inspiration?

God, Himself!  He communicated the story of His relationship with humans in the Bible and gave me many stories of His grace to share from my own life.   We all have stories to share. There is power in a story.  The purpose of life is to know and be known in loving relationships with God and others. Those relationships make stories that need to be told. If God has given you a story of His grace to tell, tell it with the ability that He gives you for His honor and glory.

The blog tour will begin on December 13, 2023!

My hope is that those who will be helped by reading HE IS - Knowing God through Fifty Scriptural Meditatoins will find it during the month of December so they can begin reading in January of 2024.

I will give anyone who asks, a PDF version of HE IS for review purposes. Just message me.

Blessings, Mark R. Worden

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