God’s Providence in the History of HE IS!

Do you read the Acknowledgements and the Preface of books you read?   If not, I encourage you to do so!  It often gives one insight into the life of the author and possibly more understanding of his or her message.  God's grace and providence are thick in my life.  Read about it from the Preface to the last page of the book, "HE IS!" God intervenes in our lives, if we have eyes to see.

Providence in my salvation story!

In the Acknowledgement and the Preface of "HE IS!" I mention a friend by name.  He was a fellow classmate in High School whom God used to encourage me to think about God. I didn't really like it at the time because I was running away from God during those days.  However, presently, I am eternally grateful for Jim's life, for God used him to turn my life around to run towards God.  Read more of the story in the Preface.

Providence in rewriting chapter 10, HE IS LOVE!

Several years ago, when I was rewriting each chapter of the manuscript, I was stuck on chapter 10, HE IS LOVE.   Taking a break from writing to drive out to my hometown of Roseburg, Oregon, I participate in a Memorial Fun Run in honor of Jim who had months earlier passed into eternity.  Sunday, I attended a worship service and sat with Jim's widow by her invitation and heard a Bible message where the messenger defined love.  I took notes. With his permission I used his definition in chapter 10.  

Providence in the publication date!

Jim's widow became a precious sister in Christ to me over the past few years and this week she posted a comment on Facebook that shocked me into a big smile. I am in awe of God's timing.   She pointed out that the "HE IS!" publication date of July 27, 2022, printed in the actual book was Jim's Birthday!   I remember at one point in the publication process having to surrender my expectations to the timing of the publication, where I said, "Lord, I give up; it's in our hands!" Then I was surprised how quickly it got published and unrealized by me, perfectly on Jim's Birthday!  Simply amazing!  God is so good!

Providence to come!

Before my mom passed into eternity to be face to face with her Savior this past September, she told me, "Mark, don't worry about this book you have written; God will get it into the hands of those who need to read it!"  What trust and what peace those words brought me.  While I am working on letting others know about "HE IS!" I can let go and let God take control.  Amen!  I look forward and expect to hear some more stores of God's providence in regard to this book He led and help me to write.  All glory be to God because HE IS!

Blessings, Mark

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