Once in a Garden

Vs. 1: Once in a garden far away,

There lay a blood-red rose

Thrown to the earth,

A bloody birth

Where thorn and sorrow grows.

How silent is 

That garden now

Where every bird did sing.

With bated breath

The hush of death

Would still each beating wing.

Vs. 2: Once in a garden grew a rose,

Well-watered with the tears

Of Him who bore 

The burden of

The sins of all the years.

His sweat poured down

Upon the ground

To drain the dreadful cup.

The cost He'd bear,

The cross He'd wear,

The sin He'd swallow up.

Vs. 3: Once in a garden lay a rose

Discarded for her thorns

To grace the head

Of Him who bled

And took the mocking scorns.

The King of kings

And of all things

Would wear the bloody bane

Of stories told

Of gardens old

Where sin began to reign.

Vs 4: Once in a garden far away

There rose up from the earth

The Rose of Sharon's

Brightest Bloom

Of rare and finest worth.

Our only need,

The promised Seed

Of her who plucked the rose

Would crush the serpent's fated head

Defeating all His foes.

Vs. 5: Another garden waits for us

At love's redeeming end.

Around the tree

Of life will He

Our every sorrow mend.

The King of kings

Whose triumph rings

Will wear His rightful crown,

A throne His seat,

And at His feet,

We'll lay our trophies down.

Once in a garden far away

There lay a blood-red rose.

By Connie Cook Worden

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